GT Games 2017 Official Invitation List


This list represents all of the athletes around the world whom have been invited to Escondido, CA to participate in the first annual 2017 GT Games brought to you by SkyBound USA and presented by Greg Roe Trampoline. Some athletes may cancel their plans to attend in the coming weeks, thus an official athlete list will be published closer to the date of the event. Some athletes have been omitted from this list after confirming their inability to travel and compete in this year’s event. After SkyBound Athletes, athletes are listed in alphabetical order.

Solomon Berg @soloflow7
Andrew Friedman @afriedman15
Gavin May @gavinmayofficial
Jake Breshears @jake.breshears
Austin Ferris @flippinferris
Cameron Shorey @camshorey77
Tanner Witt @tannerwitt
Jayden Bilbrey
Tyler Funk @tylerfunk11
Lawrence Beal @lawrence_wakeboarder
Bryson Bowman @bryson.bowman
Marie Brettenthaler @mariebrettenthaler
Justin Byer @justinbyer02
Jaxon Cosina @jaxoncosina
Shea Cronin
Connor Davidson @connor_davis35
Myles Gaffney @mylesgaffneyy
Marcus Goodman-Katz @marcus.gk
Colby Iverson @colbyiverson_
Anthony Lance-Brew @anthony.brew
PJ Lenz @pj.lenz
Dan Leonardo @danleonardoyo
Connor Lottman @connor.lottman
Ren Magallanes @ren_ren_1000
Ryan Malloy @ryanmalloy
Richie Mannarino @roloflow8
Cameron Markel @camtricking11
Colton Merrifield @coltomn
Drew Merrifield @drew_merrifield
Jonah Mohajeri
Jacob Nelson @jnnelly
Biff (Stratton) Norrie @strattleball_9
Lachlan Norrie @lillatchjr
Ramsen O’Keeffe @rammy_ig
Luca Opperman @luca_opperman1
Reece Peacock @reecepeacock
Wyatt Pederson @wyatt.pederson
Anthony Powell @anthonyjpowell
Sonny Prascsak @sonny._.prascsak
Alex Preissy @alexpreissy
Julian Rasouli @jtricking9
Ty Safon @saffyty
Niv Segev @nivsegev1999
Joshua Southworth @joshuawith_tricks17
Josiah Southworth @josiah_southworth
Myles Tsimmerman @mymytsimmy
Kevin Valvodinos @kevinvalvodinos7
Alec Watkins @alecjwatkins
Lenny Wolkind @lenny_wolkind